What is the sub-base like at your site? 

A sound sub-base is critical to the longevity and finish of any asphalt or concrete work. 

Excavation may be necessary, and placement of compacted metal basecourse is generally required.   

Our expert free site assessment will advise on what we need to do for your situation.     


Adequate drainage is critical to the longevity of any permanent material surface. 

We will assess the drainage and falls at your site, and advise on whether we need to install additional drainage or significantly alter falls. 


Site Size

We will accurately measure your site. 

Knowing how much asphalt/concrete is needed will allow us to give you a precise quote on your job.    


What product to use

We will advise you on the product and specifications that best suit your purpose. 

Variables which can influence your choice include the steepness of your site, the intended traffic use, maintenance and life-span considerations, and the desired finished look. 


Other factors

We can advise you of other factors which can affect the integrity of your proposed work, such as retaining walls or plants.    



Compliance is something you may not have thought of.  We are an approved DCC contractor, and can organize CADs (corridor access request) where needed.   

If traffic management is required, we can organize this too.   

Before you do anything . . .

A free site assessment is important  before you start laying a new asphalt, bitumen or concrete driveway. For a new driveway in Dunedin contact Asphalt Services Ltd.
A finished asphalt driveway in Dunedin
If you're getting asphalt or concrete done, you should consider . . .
Work underway to asphalt a driveway and vehicle crossing in Dunedin