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20+ Years of Experience

Enhance Your Property with Dunedin's Best Asphalters

Elevate your property’s appeal and functionality with Asphalt Services Ltd. We are a DCC-approved contractor, and our expertise in asphalt paving and vehicle crossings ensures durable and aesthetically pleasing results. Contact us today to see how we can transform your outdoor spaces.

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Transform Your Vehicle Crossings with Durable Asphalt Solutions

Our expert services solve common issues offering you peace of mind and pristine property. Here's how we can help:

  • Access to Your Property: Need a vehicle crossing? We are a DCC-approved contractor, ensuring smooth access from the road to your property, constructed to DCC specifications.

  • Worn Out Driveways: We repair potholes, alligator cracks, slumping, and subsidence.

  • Gravel Driveway Maintenance: Say goodbye to constant maintenance, mud, dirt, and freezing issues.

  • Paths, Carparks, Kerbing, and Nib Walls: Comprehensive solutions for all your hard-surfacing needs.

  • Repairs: We handle reinstatements after plumbing repairs, as well as pothole repairs.

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Dunedin & Otago's
Best Asphalters

Transforming Properties and Vehicle Crossings with Expert Hard-Surfacing Solutions

New Asphalt Driveways and Vehicle Crossings

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Extensive experience and commitment to quality

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Choose Dunedin's Best Asphalters

Our team offers over 20 years of experience in asphalt paving, kerbing, and vehicle crossings. We use premium quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the value and functionality of your property.


Manager Daniel Gabbott leads our customer-centric approach, ensuring your satisfaction with every project.

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What They Say About Us

My experience with Asphalt Services has been a blast. Absolute 10/10. When I got my driveway done, it was a smooth transition into a perfect driveway.Firstly, the workers and team here are competent, and they’re friendly people who you can have a laugh, and a serious conversation with.Secondly, the job they do is on point. Corners are filled, the asphalt is cut well, and it’s smooth.The job they do is efficient and quick, only taking about 1-2 weeks to finish my driveway. Although some conformation was needed in specific parts, this company was transparent and quick to respond.I could write a whole essay about this company. I hope everyone will have the same pleasurable experience that I did.

Dunedin, Otago

Fast, prompt service, quality finish

Gretel Mcdonald
Dunedin, Otago

Good job at sharp price

Mick Ross
Dunedin, Otago


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